In the Classroom

At the beginning of the year, Ms. Spencer was concerned she wouldn’t find a way to connect with one particular student. They were so quiet and shy. They hid their paper from Ms. Spencer as she walked around the room as the students worked. She made a concerted effort to find out more about them through the year. She gave them lots of space as well. Ms. Spencer went out of her way to demonstrate that she saw them and cared about their success.

During Ms. Spencer’s lesson in her final week in the classroom, this student went to the front of the room and performed a poem they had written in front of the entire class!

Pictured is a valentine card from that student.

Ms. Spencer likes to engage with students at their level. She spends a lot of time wandering the classroom and crouching for one-on-ones at desks. She loves trying things and making a mess in the name of creativity.