Read & Write

Magic, delight and wondering are vital to Ms. Spencer’s teaching.

“There is not a separate part of the brain that handles writing, another that handles reading, and a third that handles art.”

Harste, 2014, p. 98

Ms. Spencer loves to read. She loves stories of all kinds. She’s a fan of photographs, films, plays, magazines, news articles, research papers, expertly crafted Instagram captions, hilarious TikToks, and so on. She considers it her challenge and privilege to match students to texts that they love and to support them as they build their identity as readers. She believes in reading as a daily practice and provides her students with time and space to read.  At the core, she believes that reading and writing are the life-sustaining forces that provide us with access and agency (Gallagher & Kittle, 2018, p. 5) and that, “regular reading will make our students better citizens of the world.” (p. 14)

In her life, writing is a critical form of reflection. “Writing is for life, not just for school.” (Gallagher & Kittle, p. 14) It helps her to be a better neighbour, friend, mother, partner, teacher and citizen. Ms. Spencer believes in meaningful writing experiences for her students. “Writing creates an opportunity to understand life better and to navigate its challenges and opportunities.” (p.14) She considers it an obligation as a citizen of this planet to be thoughtful about the way she moves about in the world, and writing helps her practice that thoughtfulness. She will provide the time and space for students to slow down and take note of their world (Harste, 2014, p. 92)  It will then be her reward to see through their eyes.